Montel Williams Living Well 6 Quart Pressure Cooker Review

Montel Williams Living Well 6 Quart Pressure Cooker
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I received this pressure cooker as a Thanksgiving present from a friend who bought this from QVC. He loves to make me a tester of infomercial products. You always take a risk of buying appliances through a infomercial, this product is no exception.
I waited for awhile before writing this review, because I wanted to really use this thing before doing so.
Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. The lid is somewhat difficult to lock down, and pressure will not properly build up. When it did seal, it actually did a pretty good job. It took about 2 to 3 times to get it to seal before it would work. Chicken came out tender. However, it doesn't really brown foods all that well. Then, the digital display flashed a F4 error message. Looking through the instruction manual, it gives absolutely no indication what this is for. So, I placed a call to customer service of Montel (same number as healthmaster) and it was a absolute nightmare. After holding on the phone for over 30 minutes, I got a service rep that had no idea what I was talking about (she admitted she was new) and when I asked for a supervisor, I was hung up upon. I immediately called back, and held for another 20 minutes, this time getting a representative that knew what was wrong. I was told that message means the unit is defective and to send it back, to pay for postage and handling and they would send me a new one. NOT. QVC was fantastic, they accepted the return and refunded my friends account.
I personally would not buy this product, due to cheap construction and difficulty of using the lid to get it to seal. I also did not like the idea of the non stick coating used inside the unit, they should have used stainless steel. The instruction book does not fully explain the display properly, and the recipe book is not clear in some of the recipes. There are plenty of well established name brand pressure cookers that are excellent, and even cheaper than this one. Use your discretion.

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Flavor boost. This 6-quart pressure cooker features fast, flavor-infusing technology which combines high heat and pressure to shorten cooking times. And, the automatic keep-warm function and nonstick removable, dishwasher-safe cooking pot offer convenient use and easy cleanup. From Montel Williams.

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